Sunday, January 27, 2013

A pebble in the Water

Do people see anything? I wonder how many people actually see every, or almost every outcome of any given deed before they decide to do it. You know you have at some time heard the saying stating every action has a reaction? Yes. This is so true, so very true. For example, Your son or daughter wants to leave home. Well, of course, leaving home is only natural and a common thing for children to do. But what they do not understand or realize is that the manner and reason in which they leave may very well determine their plight in at least the present part of their lives and that it could and most likely will reflect through their decisions and on to the outcome of their decisions.
Without saying more and to put it more simply, It is not always "what" we do that takes us to a negative outcome, but mostly why and in what manner and for what reason or reasons that we did it.
Yes. Every action has a reaction. Setting off a rippling affect that never stops and that we may not have the chance to ever change.
Think twice, act once.

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