Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Better than any medicine!

If you can close your eyes for a bit and imagine what it would be like to be lost in a dry and barren place. A place you are not familiar with at all. A place where you are all alone. And all you have to look forward to is any kind of breeze at all, then you can begin to understand the place that I have been emotionally trapped in for way too long and how great, wonderful, fantastic, and elated I felt this past Saturday when my hubby and I were able to get away together for half of the day. We had the best time! Well, I know I surely did!
It was mid day before we got to our destination and since we had skipped breakfast, we were both hungry.
We ate at the Texas Road House instead of Applebee's where we first stopped, went in, ordered, and decided not to stay. Hubby loves bread with his meals and Applebee's doesn't serve bread with some of theirs. So, he spoke up and said, "we should have gone to the Texas Road House! They serve bread with every meal!" Well, he'd no sooner said it, when I said "do you want to go?" After a short bit of convincing, I hailed the waitress, paid for the tea, and we were off! I am so glad we ended up at the TRH! The food was soooo very good and i just melted like the fresh cinnamon butter when I took a bite of  those hot, freshly baked rolls! Oh my! Yum! That was the start to a wonderful, peaceful, fun day!
We went to the local Macy's, I actually found a nice outfit for Fall among a couple other things and hubby bought it for me. Now mind you, he is not a delightful shopper but he was just the best and we had so much fun!
I hope we can do it all over again really soon!
Thanks for listening!

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