Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where Americans Find Truth...

At the moment I cannot remember where I saw it but I read a quick headline about
French women. It had to do with how healthy they are. So, when I woke this morning, one of the first things on my mind was what I had read so I pulled out my IPad to look into the diets and lifestyles of "French" women and I must confess, I did not expect to find much more than I have always found when I have searched for life changing, tried and true wisdom from others who have been there and done that! I expected only to find more mud to throw into the pool of confusion and chaos that here in America we so intimately refer to as "diet plans!" But as my eyes glided through the sections of search results I did find something that did not at all sound like another far fetched idea or soured up misconfiguration from someone's new fangled "You can do it" ideas! I actually found what I just knew to be always true. I found the truth! Yes, you heard me correctly! I found the truth! You know, the common sense kind of truth? The one that sits and stares you square in the face each and every moment of each and every day that you live?! Yes, "that" truth.
I selected a link and began to scroll through the words I found. Hmm, I thought. I went back to my search results and selected another link. Being sure to avoid anything that even appeared to begin to read like a fad! And I was intrigued to find someone else, totally unrelated, saying the same things almost word for word!
You know, or maybe you don't, Truth is established in the mouth of, or should I say, when it comes from the mouth of two or three non related, non collaberated witnesses. You know, folks who saw what happened at the same time and when they are asked to tell what they witnessed, their testamonies all agree? That is what will establish truth.
So, I have found a spark of truth in my search for getting my body back on track and I am going to pursue it diligently and then I am going to share the truths that I find that agree with good judgement and plain common sense as i either find it or confirm it along the way with you. You know, no matter what we think we believe, we always know all that is true. It's the greatest part of who we are as humanity. We must seek after and come to know all that is true.
 I don't know about you, but i am tired of settling for what others think to be true. I mean to relocate truth for myself. It is not lost. Truth is lying exactly where you left it! 
I am going to leave off writing for now with a short check list for you to think about as you move through your day where ever you are and simply request that you join me on this not so hard at all journey.

*Buy the truth and sell it not
* LIVE! Diligently!
* Never settle
* Do not be slothful (lazy)
* Did you know there are no arrow buttons on the iPad keyboard?!
* May your day be prosperous and your life joyful!

Until we meet again,
Upward & Onward!
"The Scraps of My Life" by Julie

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